A15 OPPO Series – A Complete Mobility Solution


The Oppo A15 has been launched in September this year and sports the latest chipset and a very smooth Android interface in a reasonably-priced budget-friendly low-cost range with all the features one would expect from a top-of-the-line smartphone. The A15 Oppo cost in Pakistan is exactly what makes this phone a hot favorite. The A15 OPPO has the ability to access thousands of movies, navigate through the web, play games, take photographic pictures and videos, listen to music through its excellent FM radio feature as well as enjoying the rich user-friendly Android user experience. The OPPO A15 has an all-metal body, a large 3.5-inch LCD display and a large, high-definition, capacitive touch screen, which gives it an excellent viewing experience. A15 OPPO

One of the unique selling points of the Oppo A15 smartphone is that it can be used with Google Android software, which has taken the smartphone market by storm. The A15 Oppo can even be used on T-Mobile or Vodafone mobile network in Europe. This is one of the major selling points of this smartphone. Users can also use Google Android phones like the HTC Desire, Motorola RAZR and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc to access Google Android market, thanks to the free Android Market application. This feature gives the user the chance to download and install the most recent versions of the most popular apps.

The Oppo A15 comes with a neat feature pack, which is quite impressive considering the fact that the smartphone is only half of a market. The A15 OPPO has the ability to use its feature packed feature pack, which includes four main and eight sub-packages. Users can choose to go for a standard package or one that suits their individual need. The main features of the A15 OPPO include: GPS navigation, internet connectivity, media sharing, personal data storage, business applications and the all important Bluetooth connectivity. The eight sub-packs of the Oppo A15 OPPO help in proffering different kind of connectivity options. These sub-packs are:

Users can enjoy enhanced connectivity when they connect to the internet via the Bluetooth feature. The GPS navigation facilities of the Oppo A15 OPPO helps the users to navigate to nearby restaurants, shops and other destinations, thanks to the GPS facility. The users can also enjoy secure wireless connectivity via the Secure Data Center, otherwise known as the SD card. The users can store files and other information in the SD card, thanks to the free microSD card reader.

The Oppo A15 OPPO also provides some interesting entertainment features. The TV Out port of the smartphone allows users to watch television from any location. The TV out port is capable of supporting different kinds of TV, including High Definition (HD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and traditional cable TV. The TV Out feature is also capable of sending audio content to other gadgets. The VoiP enabled phone enables the users to chat over the phone by connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi.

The high-end smartphone in the Oppo A15 OPPO series also offers a unique feature rich platform. The Android interface of the Oppo A series allows the user to access a number of handy functions such as task manager, contacts manager, calculator and much more. Thanks to the powerful multimedia engine of the smartphone, it enables the user to view and play most formats of videos and photographs. The Oppo A series also offers advanced connectivity features such as Google maps, FMS, MMS and eTec Mobile Network.

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